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Who benefits from using a Fresno personal trainer? The answer is simple, everyone can. You often think of body builders or famous athletes as the only ones who reap rewards from having a personal trainer, but that’s just a misconception. No matter what your age or fitness level, a trainer could be an important part of your fitness program. In fact, older people and fitness “newbies” find that trainers can help them find the right combination of exercises to help get into shape and stay in shape.

Everyone has different needs.

No two bodies are the same, nor are goals and special needs the same. That’s why trainers don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach to workouts. The trainer listens to each client’s goals, learns of any special needs and assesses each person’s fitness level, including identifying weaker muscle groups. Only then does the trainer create a personalized program for that individual. It will be hard, but still safe and within their ability.

Don’t let physical limitations stop you from being healthy.

Whether you’re young or old, aches and pains can occur. An injury can cause back pain and arthritis can be the culprit that causes joint pain. You don’t have to sit at home because of it. One reason trainers ask so many questions is to insure they have a program that won’t aggravate old injuries, but instead will bring pain relief. Many studies show that strengthening core muscles can help back pain, but often the exercises to do that must be modified to accommodate for the condition. Doctors recommend exercise to bring relief for arthritis and other conditions and a trainer can create the right program to do that.

Age is just a number when you workout.

Even if you’re well past retirement, it’s not too late to begin. You’ll start at your comfort level and progress from there. After a short time, you’ll notice how much more energy you have and how much easier things become. Those heavy grocery bags don’t seem heavy any more and that long walk to the corner store is far quicker.

People who have never exercised before love having a trainer to create the perfect program and teach them how to do each exercise correctly.

A trainer will never let you get bored. He or she will adjust the program frequently. That not only helps prevent boredom, but prevents your body from becoming efficient at the exercise, which lowers the number of calories burnt while doing it.

A personal trainer will provide encouragement to continue and motivation to work your hardest.

You can work with a trainer on an individual basis or save money by working in a group, often called a boot camp.

    Testimonial Picture of Carrie S. (1)
    Testimonial Picture of Carrie S. (2)
    “Fresno Fit has forever changed my life...”

    Before Fresno Fit I had tried everything to lose the baby weight, nothing work. Fresno Fit gave me the necessary tool to successfully lose the weight and keep it off. Fresno Fit has forever changed my life and has given me my confidence back

    Carrie S.
    Progress: lost 30lbs, 31.7 inches, 3.2% BF
    Testimonial Picture of Nicole T. (1)
    Testimonial Picture of Nicole T. (2)
    “I can't believe the change...”

    Fresno Fit Has been my saving grace! I’ve struggled for years trying out different gyms, diets, and crazy programs. I decided to try Fresno Fit, but was skeptical. I can’t believe the change, not only outside, but on the inside. I LOVE working out here. I love the eating plans and I love the people here. We are a family. We encourage each other, build each other up, and rely on each other to get us through. There is honestly no other place I would rather be. Fresno Fit is home

    Nicole T.
    Progress: lost 37.8 lbs, 22.7 inches, 5.6% BF

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