4 Tips When Eating Out

Weekends are my struggle…And I’m willing to bet that they’re yours too. Why do you think it’s so dang hard to stay on track during the weekends?… Have you thought about that? Don’t worry…most people usually don’t sit down and think about things like that. But I do 😆 All you know is that you do […]

Try these home workouts…

It’s not always easy or convenient to get to the gym when you want to. You’re busy…I get it. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could just spend 10-15 minutes working out at home?… Wouldn’t it be even better if you didn’t even need equipment and you could just use your own bodyweight?… If you […]

5 Tips To Get Back On Track

5 Tips To Get Back On Track

Summer vacations are coming to an end ==>> BOOO! ​You’re kids are just about ready to go back to school, you’re taking your last weekend trips to the beach, and your probably starting to think about how you should’ve exercised a little bit more and ate a little bit less. It’s ok…don’t feel bad. But […]