4 Tips When Eating Out

Weekends are my struggle…And I’m willing to bet that they’re yours too.

Why do you think it’s so dang hard to stay on track during the weekends?… Have you thought about that?

Don’t worry…most people usually don’t sit down and think about things like that. But I do 😆

All you know is that you do good all week but when the weekend hits you can’t say no to fries when you go out to eat, and veggies don’t seem to exist anywhere!

A main reason for doing this is that you probably don’t take the time to plan ahead for your events and parties. I may be wrong, but seeing as how this is a main struggle for most on my members, I’d say it’s the same for you.

I want you to start being more proactive in planning for the weekend, instead of leaving everything up to chance.

If you have dinner parties, BBQ’s, all day soccer games or any other event that you think will make it hard for you to stick to your clean and lean eating during the weekends, I want you to experiment with the following tips to see if any will help you.

Now, I’m not going to tell you to just “do better” or something impractical like “never go out again”. But I am going to challenge you to try something different.

After all…if you continue to do the same things you’ve always done, guess what happens?…That’s right…the SAME things.

The following tips are practical tips that help you find balance between eating clean and eating, well, not so clean.

Here they are:

Eat Before You Leave The House

Two reasons why you fall off track when you go out to eat at a restaurant or a party are that you show up hungry or you feel you have no control over what’s being offered.

Think about it…what do you usually do when you show up to a restaurant and your starving? …That’s right, that bread and butter looks like it was served on a golden platter just for you!

What about when you show up to a party and there is no healthy option available? You feel like you have no choice but to eat what’s there.

On the other hand, at home you have FULL CONTROL over what you eat.

If you took 10 minutes to eat a big healthy salad then your chances of craving the bread or chips decrease and you’re more likely to make a healthier choice from the menu. Likewise, at a party that you feel out of control, chances of overeating also decrease. You are still able to have some goodies that you crave but you minimize the “damage” because you arrive already having ate something healthy.

Now, if you want to be the person that shows up to the party with the salad, then that’s even better 😆

Eat Your Veggies First

Your mom and grandma have been telling you this since you were a kid. And chances are you probably tell your kids the same thing.

But I can’t tell you enough, how often this helps me from overeating at a restaurant.

You can do this a couple ways…

If you order a not so good side, ok. Just make sure you also order an EXTRA side of veggies. Not the pre-dinner salad. You want the veggies to come with your dinner. Eat your veggies before you decide to touch anything else on the plate.

Another way of doing this is as soon as you sit down at the table, you should already know you either want a side of steamed veggies or a garden salad (dressing on the side). So just order it before you even order your main dish. Think of this as your appetizer. Yes, a side of steamed veggies as a appetizer. But then feel free to enjoy any side of your choice with dinner. This is BALANCE.

Personally, this gives me the feeling or “earning” my fries or desert. If you eat your veggies first then chances of you overeating the not so good stuff is less likely.

Pick And Choose Your Carbs

Opt for a side salad or an extra vegetable side because you know you want desert.

Have a beer or two, but skip desert.

The point is…don’t eat fries, drink beer and have desert.

It’s not all or nothing.

This takes more discipline and control but it’s also the most empowering.

This gives you the feeling of complete control over what you eat. And that’s a great feeling.

Again, the point of this is not to say you can’t have anything. YOU CHOOSE to eat clean so you can indulge in something later.

Train Earlier In The Day

If you have dinner, party or any other event planned then do your absolute best to get in a workout earlier in the day.

Yes, even if it’s your day off.

By now, you probably already know that a good workout gets all your “good feeling” hormones running through your body.

Think of how you feel after a hard workout.

Yes, you may be tired…but you also probably feel pretty damn good about yourself, right?

Keep those good feelings of accomplishment going by making better decisions when you do go out later in the day.

After all, you wouldn’t want to “ruin” your hard work, would you?

Now, just a quick heads up…

You DON’T want to justify eating and drinking whatever you want because you “earned it” with your workout. That’s the OPPOSITE of what we want here.


So there you have it…

4 practical tips you can use next time you go out for a dinner or a party.

Remember…these are tools to use. Find what works for you.

But at the end…none of these really matter if you don’t try them.

Set yourself up for success by doing a little planning and taking control of every situation you find yourself in.

Hope this helps.

Make it a better than good day.


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